Just a couple things to keep it interesting

Hello, blog, it’s been awhile.

So, a few things to keep it interesting.

1. Abram is a ridiculously strong child. I will not be shocked at all if he’s crawling early, let alone walking. This kid’s favorite activity, at 3 1/2 months, is to stand while holding your thumbs. He thinks it’s hilarious.

2. Teenagers at my church have led two incredible worship services in the last couple of weeks. We are blessed at FVPC right now with a crop of worship nerds. I say that with all love and admiration. This bunch is perfectly happy to spend a morning or afternoon planning worship. But it’s not only that, they are also, as our friend Jonathan Rundman (who led a workshop for us earlier this month, put it) incredibly cool, but also accessible. His description was accurately carried through a week later when 4 of our seniors gave testimonies about how God has worked in their lives through our church, and to a one, each was compelling, intelligent, articulate and VULNERABLE with the congregation. Who ever heard of vulnerable Presbyterians?!?

3. Zora had her last day of preschool. I was an utter teary mess all day. Not so much because she’s growing up, but because I will miss, so much, that I get to spy on her during the day. My office window gives me a clear view of the preschoolers on the play ground and in the woods behind our church. What an incredible gift that has been.

4. Zora is also going through this phase where she is simply luminous. I feel like every once in a while, everything about her catches up with itself and is functioning in perfect harmony. And for a few weeks, she somehow glows, not just physically but also emotionally and intellectually. It’s not she isn’t delightful the rest of the time, but there’s something different sometimes. I suspect other kids are like this, too. Have you noticed it?

5. We are moving in a week. I am in utter and complete denial. Partly because there is no way to get everything done. We have resigned ourselves to hiring the kind of movers who pack for you because we both have to work right up until the day of the move and go back to work right after it happens. Then, just over a week later, I start a string of two back to back mission trips with teenagers (and my own children in tow). I might get a chance to unpack sometime in July.

6. We are moving to Chicago. The reminder that we are truly moving to Chicago came today when the moving company rep who visited for today’s estimate suggested that I should go with his company because they are high class, whereas many of the other moving companies we are considering may very well be run by gangsters. This was made all the more hilarious by the fact that this guy had the sort of thick Chicago accent that (prejudicially of course) would easily have won him a film role as a Chicago gangster. Also, there was one point in the conversation about logistics where I think he was actually talking about bribing our future alderman.

7. I have long dreamed of living in a Chicago two-flat. I don’t know why. I just think they are wonderful little buildings. We are moving into a first floor apartment in a two flat. This aspect of the move delights me!

8. Occasionally, Abram is skipping a feeding at night and giving us 5-6 hours straight of sleep. The only problem with this: it’s occasional. On the days after he does this, I feel about 100% better than usual. So basically, it’s like this giant tease of what will happen eventually…that I will again feel human and rested on a regular basis.

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  1. terry lutrick Says:

    north siders? ahh my dream location.