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Abram a Day: 2.16.11

Abram a Day: 2.15.11

Going home outfit

Abram a Day: 2.14.11

Abram a day


As my OB/GYN put it, “And now it’s time to get serious.” (“Serious about what?” I said. “Having this baby.” “Oh.”) So, here’s the checklist of what I think I have to do before this kid can show up: 1. Clean the house. And keep it clean. 2. Organize the following closets and/or drawers: hallway, [...]

Before the storm

We’re supposed to get a big snowstorm today. Chicago has sort of escaped the wacky weather this winter, so I’ll believe it when I see it. But we were out of bread so I stopped on my way home late last night to get a loaf. TJs had nothing but pita bread left. And certain [...]

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