Before the storm

We’re supposed to get a big snowstorm today.

Chicago has sort of escaped the wacky weather this winter, so I’ll believe it when I see it.

But we were out of bread so I stopped on my way home late last night to get a loaf. TJs had nothing but pita bread left. And certain other things were off the shelves as well. I’m not convinced that everyone in the store was going to starve if they didn’t stock up.

I did, however, use the impending disaster as leverage to convince Erik to finally get the garage organized so that I can park the car.

While I hope everyone stays safe and doesn’t do any crazy driving if things get bad, I feel ready.

Anyone want to take bets about whether or not the baby, though, will decide this might be an opportune occasion to arrive? I believe Zora was born during a thunderstorm, so if this little guy wants to keep up with his big sister, now might be the time.

One Response to “Before the storm”

  1. Erik Vorhes Says:

    If the baby comes during the storm, we might need to reconsider our name options. Here’s a handy list of Finnish snow-related words.