At least until we set up the crib & find the comfy chair, here’s the room.

By FAR the most organized & pleasant office space we’ve ever had. In fact, we just ate supper in here (though mostly because the rest if the house has been so neglected that we can’t find a clear surface in the kitchen).

2 Responses to “And….done!”

  1. Meika Says:

    Very nice! We did the same thing with Chloe, actually – she had a corner of the office that worked just fine… and yes, only slept in there for about eight weeks because before that she was in with us. Good thinking. :)

  2. Meika Says:

    Also, I don’t think the sharing idea is excessively optimistic. I think it totally depends on how they sleep. Chloe sleeps like the dead; she would have had no problem sharing with a baby. Solid-sleeper wishes to you and the wee one.