Tormented by craftiness

Call it advanced mama-guilt: I’m starting to realize there are some special things I can pull off with one kid that I will not be so able to do with two.

Zora and I were at a fabric store a few weeks ago and she was entranced with the Halloween costume pattern books. I have yet to make her a costume: we’ve bought them from thrift stores in the past. I don’t remember if she was anything her first year. Then was an elephant two years running (I highly recommend the use of the costume that’s a bit to big the first year and a bit too small the second), although no trick or treating was involved the second time: she wore the costume to our dear friends’ wedding rehearsal on Halloween.

And last year she was a lion, but only for her class party and another party because Erik and I decided we were too pooped to take her out and she hadn’t quite caught on to how the whole thing worked yet.

I’m pretty sure that with two kiddos, there’s no way I’ll ever be this involved again with costumes. Plus, oddly enough, find creative pursuits to be a fulfilling sabbath for me. Although I will admit that I feel a little tormented by the desire to do these things when the ready-made costume aisle has some perfectly good options, too.

So this morning Zora and I hit the fabric store, picked a costume, picked colors (admission: I did some steering to avoid full-on pink), and made a flowery fairy costume.

By the way, would you believe that this is a no-sew pattern? I didn’t even touch the sewing machine!

And I even had time to do some cleaning and organizing in the spare room! If I can get dinner on the table before Zora turns into a pumpkin, I might well win the domestic goddess award for the day!

4 Responses to “Tormented by craftiness”

  1. Heidi De Jonge Says:

    beautiful. can’t wait to see Z in it!

  2. Meika Says:

    Holy cow, Erica! That looks amazing!!! Envy, envy.

  3. Martha Says:

    WOW! I’m SO impressed!!!

  4. sko3 Says:

    That is AMAZING!