Empty Donkey

Zora spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, and went to the little Episcopal church around the corner from their place. It was most definitely a “tourist church” experience…she was requested for the weekend and we sent her in large part because this church does a full-on processional through the neighborhood, complete with live donkey.

On Saturday, my Mom was explaining this to prepare her:

Grandma: “It’s Palm Sunday, when Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey, and people waved palm branches. So, tomorrow, there will be palms and even a donkey.”

Zora: “Will Jesus be there?”

Grandma (who says she had to think about this one): “Well, Jesus is always there.”

Later in the conversation, it became apparent that Jesus’ presence may not have been so much a theological issue as a practical one.

Zora: “Can I ride the donkey?”

(Because, if Jesus wasn’t going to be riding the donkey, you would think that the church would have the good sense to allow the cute 3 year old to serve as a back up.)

One Response to “Empty Donkey”

  1. Margriet Nelson Says:

    Dear Erica

    This is such a cute story!! Am I allowed to share it with my relatives in the Netherlands
    I am a cousin in law from your mother in law!!!

    Margriet Nelson