An Open Letter to Emergency Rooms

Dear ERs everywhere,

First, I am grateful for my ER, my access to medical care, my reliable car, the general goodness of God, etc.

But I’m really really sleep deprived. So this thought is where my brain has been wandering off to.

If parents bring their kiddo in during the night due to, say, an overdose of grape cough medicine, and you have to hook up said kiddo to monitor her vitals, and especially if you are rather confident that said kiddo will be fine but it’s just a precaution, shouldn’t there be somewhere comfy for the parents who are keeping vigil to snooze? Because then, the next morning when our kiddo wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready face the day, well, we are not so ready. And we are a bit frayed around the edges and not really on top of our parenting game.

Again, I don’t want to diminish my thankfulness for what I have, but I’m just really really tired and my better-rested child is not particularly sympathetic.


3 Responses to “An Open Letter to Emergency Rooms”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Oh my. Poor you!! Hang in there.

  2. Jim Says:

    Husbands of sick wives could use that, too.

  3. Kathy Says:

    I’m sorry–I couldn’t find a better place to leave this note, which has nothing to do with this particular post. Simply a thanks–I found your prayer stations on the Lord’s Prayer while looking for resources and adapted them last week for use with our Junior High Youth group. I was encouraged and impressed with how they engaged with the material. Thanks for sharing this resource!