Advent 11

Snow and advent…

What I am really waiting for, this time of year, is snow.

Today, the snow is here. Dangerous and beautiful. Quiet and white, blowing, refreshing, even astringent.

And how that fits with Advent? I’m not sure.

It might be the quiet stillness, the way it forces us to slow down and take time.

I love it when snow cancels things. Because that is often the only way to peace and quiet…abrupt, enforced sabbath.

Or the way it makes space to be alone…that the air is filled with white drifts so that we are each in our own little space.

Maybe it is the danger…a reminder of how fragile things are.

Or the way perception shifts, from texture and color to white blunt-edges forms.

It might be the pure joy of something new. (Zora built a snowman last night and I had to lift her up so that she could kiss him goodnight, little lips all red from his icy cheek.)

I know snow has nothing to do with Advent unless you live in my climate and hemisphere. But I still think they’re linked.