Erik and I are grammar nerds. (However, I would appreciate it if you didn’t take this opportunity to critique my grammar because I am not having a very good day.)

Which explains why we were reduced to giggles the other night for a good 10 minutes over the phrase “metaphorically speaking”.

It seems to us that there is RARELY a time when the phrase is necessary. For example, if someone at work says, “The ball’s in your court, metaphorically speaking,” it would seem it’s obvious that this is a metaphor, unless you are, say, Venus Williams’ tennis coach.

So, here’s the contest…in the comments, cite an example of a time when it might be appropriate to use the phrase “metaphorically speaking.” Contest closes at 5:00pm on Monday, December 14. Erik and I will pick a winner and will even try to come up with a great prize to send you. We might pick the most hilarious example, we might pick the most appropriate use of the phrase. We promise not to just pick the person we like the best.

2 Responses to “Contest!!!!”

  1. Jim Says:

    “Venus, are you going to quit, or serve? The ball is in your court, metaphorically speaking. Well, literally, too, I suppose.”

  2. Katherine Says:

    Metaphorically speaking, this sermon I’m writing sucks.

    (and that’s the gospel truth, on a Saturday night.)