Recent fabulous quotes from Zora

(At a restaurant, upon the delivery of her pb&j)

“Where’s my salmon?!?”

(In a conversation concerning the status of my globe-trotting sisters who, in the last year, have worked in England and Ethiopia)

Zora: Mama, when is Auntie Anna coming home from Africa?

Erica: Soon. In a few weeks. (Short response from me due the fact that it is 6:30am and I am barely awake.)

Zora: Do they have laundry in Africa?

Erica: Sort of…

(Just now over breakfast.)

Zora: Mama, lick my fingers.

Mama: No, honey. We lick our own fingers.

Zora: (sticks fingers in my mouth anyway)

2 Responses to “Recent fabulous quotes from Zora”

  1. sko3 Says:

    I need to talk to you about your sister in Ethiopia who only kinda has laundry. Note to self.

    Also–does she really LIKE Salmon?

  2. Erica Says:

    Loves salmon. The other day, a nice church person who brings her “treats” sometimes asked her what her favorite food is right now. “Fish” “Oh, goldfish?” “No, fish.”