Perfect Day

Last fall, when we worked out childcare stuff for Zora, the plan was that Thursday was going to be the day when I worked with Zora. I figured we’d go to church in the morning, do a few things, gather materials for afternoon work at home. While I was doing that, Zora would happily putter around in my office playing with toys and such, and then we would head off to kindermusik, go home, and I would work while she napped and played.Not so much. Not to say that I’ve not actually done work on Thursdays, but the morning mostly leaves me so frazzled from chasing Zora through the building, preventing her from crewing up the photocopier, typing on my computer, using the phones, etc. that by the time we get to kindermusik I basically lay down on the floor and try to take a nap.But, finally, yesterday, at the end of May, we had the perfect Thursday and I would like to document it so that I can go back to the moment when I’m not having a perfect Thursday.6:30am: Zora wakes up.8:30am: We’re at church.Zora proceeds to play and watch a few epidsodes of Calliou on spare computer I brought along (yes, this may be the thing that got us through the day, the magic bullet…I brought a computer from home and set her up with some TV.)I proceed to actually accomplish some major things (booking travel for a youth group trip, responding to e-mails, organizing things). 9:50: We leave church and go to “all church playdate in the park”. Upon arrival, I try to fool myself into thinking that the hoards of kids running around the park mean that lots of church people are there. Nope. It’s an elementary school’s picnic. But, there’s one mom and her kiddos who Zora loves to play with and the three of them range all over the park while I get to know one of the church moms. Weather is perfect. (I know bar ministry sounds alot more hip and cool, but I do playground ministry…just hanging out in the parks with my kid and a big jug of animal crackers, meeting and talking up the other parents. I think we’re going to start doing this more than the current twice a month.)11:45am: We head home. Zora pooped, and bit picky during lunch about the broccoli in her mac n cheese (this from the child who, according to her Tuesday, Wednesday daycare person is, “My best eater. She eats everything I put in front of her, even broccoli.”).1:00pm: Zora is napping. I am in my favorite chair. By the time she wakes up, I will have taken 10 things off of my to do list.2:00pm: Zora is still asleep. I decide that the whole day so far is a clear sign of God’s beneficence. I am still getting things done.2:30pm: Zora wakes up and allows for a painless diaper change, watches more Caillou. (Oh, God bless you CBC for the production of this show.)4:15pm: Oh my goodness. I’ve put in a full workday. With Zora. I decide we are going to the park and getting ice cream cones.4:45pm: Still perfect weather. We are at the park eating ice cream. Zora plays on her own and I sit and read a few chapters of a mystery novel.5:30pm: I start to wonder when this whole thing will fall apart.6:15pm: We leave the park and go home by way of the local grocer.Honestly, from there, the whole day doesn’t matter much. It stayed nice.This morning, we are back to questionable parenting, like me not getting out of bed fast enough for Zora’s liking, leading to her removing her own dirty diaper in her room, and coming to my room buck naked carrying a clean diaper and wipes and saying, “Mommy, change me.”Whatever…the weather’s still beautiful, and Erik gets out of work early so we’re going to head into the city and go to the zoo. 

2 Responses to “Perfect Day”

  1. Kirstin Says:

    Sounds wonderful. Congratulations on a perfect Thursday! I especially love the bit today where Zora told you to change her. Ha!

  2. Bromleigh Says:

    Hey, Erica — I dream of days like this. Very nice post. I’m seeking you out because Elizabeth Lerohl Hiller told me to, but poking around your blog, I also see that you read Pastor Mom — who is a colleague of mine. At any rate, I’m currently in Riverside, IL as a solo UMC pastor, and marginally involved in YCWP and, as of July 1st, I’ll be the new associate pastor at Baker Memorial in St. Charles. My husband and toddler and I are working on buying a house in Geneva… I’d love to meet up. Drop me a line? Thanks, Bromleigh McCleneghan