Liturgy for Easter 5

I know I want to preach on Acts 8:26-40 this week (the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch). I’m still not sure where that takes me as far as the sermon is concerned.I might be looking at a rabbit hole I shouldn’t go down: Ethiopia is very real to me right now because my little sister is living and working there until August. In fact, for Christmas, she gave me a processional cross, and I might just have to get it mounted on a pole this week so that we can use it on Sunday.But that reality of Anna living there keep reminding me that it is a real place and real Christians live there. So, I decided, regardless of where the sermon goes, we are using bits and pieces of liturgy from the Ethiopian church.And I thought you might want to do this, too. Especially after I just spent the afternoon combing through this 100+ page document (which is very super cool, but you might just not have the time…) of the Ge’ez liturgy translated into English. So, here’s the adaptation I came up with for our service! Hope you can use it!(Parts of ) a Liturgy for Easter 5 Adapted by Erica Schemper from The Liturgy of the Ethiopian Church, translated by Marcos Daoud, and revised by Marsie Hazen. 

Call to Worship

One: The Lord is mighty in the clouds, higher than heaven, glorious in all ways;

the perfect, victorious God of gods.

Many: Holy, holy; perfect Lord of hosts.

One: Before the mountains and the little hills arose, and before the height of the sky was seen,

before the heavens and earth were made;

Many: Holy, holy; perfect Lord of hosts.

One: Before the thunderbolt flashed, and before the quickness of lightning was seen,

before the clouds were spread;

Many: Holy, holy; perfect Lord of hosts.

One:  Heaven and earth together with all their worlds, sea and rivers and all things that are in them glorify God. 

Many: Holy, holy; perfect Lord of hosts.

One: All things were created through God’s grace, and live through God’s kindness. 

Many: Holy, holy holy, perfect Lord of hosts heaven and earth are full of your glory.



Prayer of Confession

O Lord our God, lover of humankind, do not turn us away, or let us lose hope. You have called us to serve you. Cleanse us from sin, and fill us with your grace. Help us to offer ourselves as a pure gift, with a simple heart, through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon

One: The Son of God has done something new in the world.

No one, except for him, has done anything like him since the creation of the world.

Many: In Jesus Christ, we are forgiven. Alleluia! Amen!



Good things have been done to you, good things have been done to you, good things have been done to you. Sheep of Christ’s pasture, you were hungry, and are full. You were thirsty, and you are satisfied. Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord, in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. 

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  1. sko3 Says:

    Oh my gosh, the benediction…..
    Did you read at all about the umbrellas? Has your sister seen them?

  2. Jim Says:

    Very well done on Sunday, Erica!