Further proof that I have the strangest job…

Beginning this week, I thought, “hey, piece of cake…Easter services on Sunday, but no youth group meetings to plan. And we’re reusing last week’s Good Friday service. whew…”

Now, honestly, how could I forget that Holy Week involves all kinds of strange little tasks and details. So far this week, I have undertaken or will soon get started on tasks that truly prove I have the strangest job ever:

  1. Baking bread for the Maundy Thursday service.
  2. Making 3 sets of 6 giant Easter eggs and stuffing them with symbols (baby, heart, crackers, rock, nothing, butterfly) that tell the story of the resurrection for the children’s message on Sunday (big thank you to our fabulous preschool teacher for this idea).
  3. Learning a music writing program so that I could isolate the melody line of a new kyrie for the Good Friday bulletin.
  4. Duplicating and organizing music for 13 musicians for Good Friday.
  5. Mapping out the parts for said musicians.
  6. Feeding said musicians.
  7. Saying a hearty “Thank You” to God for providing a rehearsal pianist for said musicans because, after 2 hours of rehearsing, I could only just barely plunk my way through the simplest of songs.
  8. Lining up childcare for my kiddo on Thursday night and all day Friday.
  9. Hours upon hours of haggling with inserted images in the Good Friday worship order.
  10. Designing a brochure for the prayer stations on Good Friday.
  11. Pulling together the equipment and setting up the prayer stations.
  12. Writing a prayer (oh, good, I’m actually trained to do that.)

You know what my favorite day of Holy Week is? Easter Monday.

3 Responses to “Further proof that I have the strangest job…”

  1. susan Says:

    Amen. At BMPC the HOS gave us two newbie Residents all of the Lenten worship responsibilities from Ash Wednesday-Maundy Thursday. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot in the last forty days.

  2. Erica Says:

    Tonight, I learned how to use binder clips to shorten up a pulpit parament that was a little too long to be seen behind the Easter Lilies. (Tomorrow, I will learn how to effectively hide eggs for 2 year olds to find…seems a little secular, but, hey, it gets higher attendance than Good Friday!)

  3. susan Says:

    your post has inspired me to think about my own in the same vein…to be posted next week.