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A little context: from August 2002-July 2003, I was the intern pastor at Hope Christian Reformed Church in Oak Forest, IL. Then, when I started working as the religion teacher at pastor at Providence-St. Mel Schools, Hope remained my home congregation and then was the congregation that ordained me in November of 2003. They invited [...]

Unofficial rules of the sermon

I have a some unofficial rules of the sermon. Here are a few: Never talk about the process of writing the sermon explicitly in the sermon. If you’re going to explain something about the Greek or Hebrew word, do it in such a way that people don’t notice you’re talking about the Greek or Hebrew [...]

A whale in a manger

Last week, Erik and Zora were looking at some picture cards together, and on had a whale on it. “What’s this?” asked Zora. “It’s a whale, ” said Erik. Zora looked back with a look that says, “Oh, now it ALL makes sense…” and said, “Oh! A whale in a manger.” So, we’re pretty sure [...]

9 for 09

(Not really defining things for 2009, nothing too profound, but it seems like a good time to post 9 random things.) I’m a little sore today: I rang in the new year with a 5k at 7:00pm, dinner at a great restaurant, late conversation about theology (really truly, and yes I know it’s nerdy, and [...]

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