9 for 09

(Not really defining things for 2009, nothing too profound, but it seems like a good time to post 9 random things.)

  1. I’m a little sore today: I rang in the new year with a 5k at 7:00pm, dinner at a great restaurant, late conversation about theology (really truly, and yes I know it’s nerdy, and most of it was over my head), and a few fireworks-sitings from the roof of my parents’ place. This combined with yesterday morning’s yoga class has left my body a little wonky.
  2. Illinois continues to be a…fascinating?….corrupt?…side-show-ish?…place for politics. I probably shouldn’t care so much, but it’s like a car accident I just can’t take my eyes off of.
  3. I’ve been knitting mittens lately. Someday, I’ll get the picture posting on this site working again and I’ll post pictures of mittens.
  4. After 6 months of living there, we finally hung pictures in our apartment. And my Dad came out to hang the organ-pipe shelves in our living room. It feels like a place where people live.
  5. Inspired by #4, I am contemplating painting my bathroom. Because the paint in there now is not for bathrooms, and it’s starting to crackle. I’m thinking a nice nutty-brown color, and in the weird cave-like alcove that contains the shower and the soaker tub, a darker shade of the nutty brown. I figure if you’ve got the cave thing going on, you might as well really do it up like a dark little cave.
  6. However, the only way I can see the bathroom happening is if we stop using it for about a week. I think I could squeeze in the painting of one wall a night, but what with the strange floor plan in there, it actually has 8 wall surfaces.
  7. And if we did the bathroom, we might as well do the bedroom, right? How about a creamy orange?
  8. We’ve had a second visit from the cleaning service. Incredible. Life-changing. I feel like I can have people in my house. Want to come over?
  9. If I do one thing in the new year (OK, there’s a million things I should do in the new year, but…)…Erik bought me a very nice camera for my birthday. I always wanted to take photography, but it never worked out. Due to some weirdness about transferring schools half way through high school, I had a senior year with a ridiculously open schedule…13 study halls per week one semester! I asked the photography teacher to put me in his class, but I was also doing an independent study in creative writing with him, and he refused to let me in because he wanted me to “Concentrate on my writing.” I should probably stop griping about it and take a class.

Happy New Year, all!