Saturday Night at Church

How’s this for ethnic confusion: my Presbyterian Church is currently overrun by little Swedish Lutheran kids celebrating the Feast of Santa Lucia. (And it’s actually the Feast of St. Nicholas today, so me and my Dutch genes are thinking about going home and whipping up a pot of pea soup.)

Meanwhile, just to make things even more interesting, one of our custodians is in the lobby having a discussion with one of the Swedish grandpas about, as far as I can tell, whether or not Judas went to hell.

Seriously, I am actually at church working, even though this sounds like I’m having some sort of weird church-dream. I just pinched myself to check.

2 Responses to “Saturday Night at Church”

  1. Jeez Says:

    Heathens! Celebrating Lucia today, a week in advance??? You have some serious repenting to do ;-)

  2. maria Says:

    Lucia? Now?! A week before the actual date? *tsk, tsk* This Swedish Lutheran is appalled! I hope they at least give you a heap of saffron buns *smiles*