It’s official. I’m tanner than Erik.

Now, you might say that this a very stupid contest for me to engage in, what with my Dutch genes and Erik’s Norwegian ones. Clearly, we are not tanners and whatever tanning ability we have is probably a Northern European draw, right?

Nope. Erik’s dark-haired and olive-ish skinned, and he tans like a Greek. Seriously. People in Greektown sometimes assume he is Greek. Either there was a little Viking philandering in the Mediterranean in his ancestry or he’s part Lapp.

Meanwhile, I am a poster child for Dutch tourism (in the country, to the farms, not in the city, to the bars…)

Sadly, my victory this summer is not really fair one. Erik’s just been cooped up inside a whole lot more than I have, and by the time he squeezes in a vacation, we think the leaves will be off the trees.

But I’m enjoying it while I can!

One Response to “Bronzed”

  1. maria Says:

    Here comes the snotty know-it-all-remarks from one of the countries of Vikings and Saami (they get REALLY mad if you call them Lapps)…
    A lot of us tan easily *smiles*
    Yes, it probably has to do with philandering in the Mediterranean, but them Norwegian vikings never went there, the settled for Scotland, Iceland and America. Stupid choice, if you ask me (but why would you?), us Swedes went to Istanbul instead…
    And the Saami…well, is he short? Probably not, huh? Then he’s not Saami *grins evilly*

    I think the answer is rather some dashing Italian guest worker in the Norwegians fish factories…