12 days on the road (1 night, less than 18 hours at home in the middle), 5 nights in a tent, 3 strange beds, over 50 relatives, 3 generations, both sides of the family, more beers than I like to admit, 2 servings of Uncle Howie’s chicken, 2 hotels, 35 driving hours…

I am tired.

But there’s hope: I’m still on vacation for two days and tomorrow Zora goes to Grandma for a few. I’m thinking in: naps, a pedicure, a little unpacking.


Well, it turns out I wasn’t just tired. Monday morning I woke up with a raging headache, incredible muscle pain, lightheadedness, and no desire to eat or drink. Bleach…After a day in bed, I’m feeling much better.

One Response to “Tired”

  1. lorna (see-through faith) Says:

    Glad you are feeling better. I came home from a trip on Friday. Sick on Sunday night (flu) … still miserable about it. Think our bodies are saying “enough. you need rest!” … but I would have done it anyway – just it flunked out before I was ready to!