Zora and I had a girls afternoon together. Lunch at this place (no brew for Zora, just pizza), and a little strolling and bargain hunting the main street of Holland, MI.

Sitting at our table outside the restaurant, I was having a bit of a nostalgia trip. When I was 6, I marched down this street in Dutch costume with my first grade class (we were holding up boards that showed the ingredients of Dutch soups…). Would 6 year old me have ever imagined me now having pizza and a beer with my 2 year old in tow?

And, while we’re doing the nostalgia thing, this is the town that my grandparents grew up outside of, where about half of my ancestors planted themselves after them immigrated. Would any of them imagine me and the girl sitting out there in the sunshine on a perfect day, sharing pizza, talking about our visit with old friends from seminary (the seminary part, definitely not something they could have imagined…)

I don’t know what those folks who came to the US wanted specifically when they came. New starts, something better, maybe just a little adventure. How far ahead did they look? Did they ever think about what this would mean for their families in 100 years?

And really, do I ever think about these kinds of things myself, where we’re headed, what Zora’s kids will do, where they’ll be, what they will do that would shock me?

But now for the REAL nostalgia trip…after lunch (after the heavy thinking), we went to one of my childhood favorite, the Holland Peanut Store. How can you not love that retro sign? (And, the candy inside is as fabulous as the sign outside promises it will be.)

Holland Peanut Store from Erik Vorhes on Vimeo.

One Response to “Nostalgia”

  1. Stacey Says:

    I am envious. I miss New Holland Brewery, and the Peanut Store.