Not to get all political, but…

I try not to be too blatantly political here. But I can’t be too quiet about it today.

I cried a little last night during a certain speech from St. Paul, for a few very important reasons:

  1. Maybe, just maybe, this is a sign that some of the racial hurts in our history are healing.
  2. This fall will be the first time some of my former students at PSM can vote in a presidential election.  I am happy that they get to participate in this moment in history, and be able to make this choice.
  3. Zora will take this for granted…I sincerely believe that by the time she is cognizant of politics, the idea of a woman president or a black president will be normal.
  4. I also hope, desperately, that this is the moment when people my age and younger will finally prove that we are capable of voting, whichever party. And maybe folks will stop talking down the capability of genX and younger generations.