Perservation of the Saints

I heard someone use the term “perservation” today. Is that really a word? Word’s spellcheck says “no”. Not that Microsoft is the final authority on words, particularly theological ones.

I think he meant “perseverance.”

I’m a big fan of perseverance. Mostly because I’m not a big perseverer myself. And so the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints has particular resonance with me…I interpret it to mean that God won’t let go of me, rather than me having to cling on to God through sheer will power.

Maybe I’ve been too much surrounded by Calvinists who use perseverance in a theological sense, but I wondered if this guy was using perservation because it sounded more scientific.

I think we Calvinists should stick with “perseverance of the saints” rather than “perservation of the saints”. It’s just too close a slip from there to “preservation of the saints”, which suggests long lines of Presbyterians and Reformed folks outside of Botox clinics. (Speaking of which, my gynecologist’s office now offers botox. Really? Like to make your uterus look younger?)

I did manage to do some persevering today, but it was only to visit THREE grocery stores on a hunt for fresh lemongrass. I settled for dried. I really needed that lemongrass because I’ve got the beginnings of a whopper of a cold/cough thing, and all I could think about eating today was a big bowl of really spicy Thai soup. The dried did the trick.

5 Responses to “Perservation of the Saints”

  1. shelly Says:

    Ah, I’m not the only one who loves spicy Thai soup around a cold (all the better with shrimp, but lemongrass is essential!)…I order out, though..lazy to your perseverance.

  2. Kirstin Says:

    Oy. Erik said you’d gotten the bug, too. Ryan and I have been hit as well. I prefer hot&sour soup when I’m sick, but Ramen is just fine, too (8 points for the whole package). Hope you’re on the mend.

    FYI, Botox is being used for several gyne conditions now, albeit somewhat experimentally. Check it out:

    “Botox®: Vulvar/Vaginal Pain

    It’s not just for wrinkles. Botox® has been used for years to treat spastic muscle disorders. Knowing that, we wondered if it might be effective in other areas of pain and inflammation. We are now working with Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox®, to investigate other uses. If the results are encouraging, it could lead to formal clinical trials.

    Included in our investigation is the potential to use Botox® for vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis and vaginismus. These are painful conditions of the vulvar and vaginal area that mimic severe infection, but with more intense symptoms that are not relieved by standard treatments. These conditions can be chronic, disabling and frustrating for affected women, many of whom are unable to have intercourse without pain. Preliminary results with the Botox® injections have been encouraging; all patients tolerated the treatment with minimal discomfort. Botox® is also being studied for the relief of Migraine headaches, urinary urgency and dysmenorrhea (painful periods). If you are interested, please contact us and we will update you on the status of our investigations.”


  3. Erica Says:

    Kirstin, thanks for the research. But, actually, I think they are doing facial botox at my doctor’s. It’s a combined OB/GYN and Peds practice, which makes sense, but this whole cosmetic thing takes one-stop-doctoring to a new level.

  4. Kirstin Says:


  5. Erik Says:

    So, is pediatric Botox to keep kids from crying? (Talk about cruel.)