Church Supper

My church is hosting a series of Wednesday night Lenten thing-ies. I say “thing-y” because I honetly don’t know what to call them otherwise. Number 2 was last night. I missed number 1 while I was in California.

The other associate and I wanted to do something that involved a meal and was intergenerational.  So we’re cooking up somehting simple, supplementing it with some side dishes folks bring along, and doing something that is somehow related to Lent after the meal. Last week, sand-in-a-bottle art to help us think about the desert. This week, little gardens to remind us to set aside a little garden space in our souls where we can be with God.

But the thing I love most is the meal. It is good to sit together, while kids run all over the room, to help someone else’s 4 year old cut up her meat, to talk about what we did today, to be one big family group spread out over the tables, to debate whether or not to have a second cookie, to take time, and sit, and to need no other outcome than to say we broke bread.

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  1. ppb Says:

    That does sound sweet.