Writing that is not my sermon

Yep, I’m supposed to be writing my sermon. But I need to write something else. My brain is shredded enough from thinking about why on earth God would send a peasant-baby as the Messiah that these will be random thoughts.

  1. Zora made out like a bandit for Christmas. Even though we were thinking about not getting her much (honestly, does she really care right now?). But, nothing is super-branded, super-nosy, or super-obnoxious. Nothing is labeled “princess.” One thing is a Noah’s ark, so she’s learning her Bible, right?
  2. Beautiful, wonderful snow here today.
  3. Last night, I had the worst ever of my “I’m-preaching-NOW-and-my-sermon-isn’t-done” dreams. I get these every time I preach. I guess many other preachers do, too.
  4. We might move our TV out of our living room. If we can get that crazy back room organized.
  5. While I was in the city with my parents, I discovered that trips to North Michigan Avenue give me morning-sickness/heart-burn flashbacks…I was really pregnant most of the year I worked there. Now, when I’m in that area, I’ll turn a corner and see or smell something and feel my tummy give a turn or recognition. How weird is that?! But, I am also a great asset…I know where ALL the bathrooms are.
  6. I need to start doing some yoga again. Last night, I did 30 minutes with the help of a DVD. Wow. My body was tight and messed up. And it felt so much better afterward.
  7. Speaking of yoga, during the final relaxation, I actually felt all the muscles in my cheeks (face, not…) go completely slack and fall to the floor. Or, I’m just getting older and there’s less collagen to hold things up than there was the last time I did some yoga.
  8. I saw the movie Juno this week. Amazing. Loved it. Go see it. I’m contemplating the possibility of taking the youth group next week. If only it will stay in theaters that long…Any ideas for a back-up option if it’s gone?
  9. We ate Lao food last week, too. Yum. If you can get to this place, go. My Dad has eaten there 3 times already, I think, and he says what he keeps ordering (chicken curry) is the best food he’s had in weeks.
  10. I’m starting to get fed up with how complicated it is for me to post photos here. I’ve been doing a lot of frantic knitting and I can’t put up pictures. Bleagh…

Come back Monday and read the sermon! (It’s on Matthew 2:13-23 and Isaiah 63:7-9.)

2 Responses to “Writing that is not my sermon”

  1. susan Says:

    I’m also preaching. Going with Isaiah and perhaps Hebrews. Thanks for posting your thoughts…they serve as a nice distraction! Can’t wait to read your sermon as well.

  2. Erica Says:

    I think I might wind up wrapping in something from Hebrews, too. (My working title is “perfecting Christmas” which goes along with some of the themes in Hebrews.