Rocky Mountain Highway



I board at bus at midnight, June 10, for a mission trip with my youth group in Colorado. We’ll be working here.

It has been months of planning, and scheming, and praying, and wishing were just on the road already.

If you want to pray for us, pray for these things:

  • That we are safe and healthy
  • That we keep covenant with each other as a Christian community living together
  • That Zora enjoys her first youth group trip (and, join me in thanking God for a husband who willingly is giving this week to accompany us)
  • That this doesn’t happen on Wednesday (and, thank God for protecting Mary!)
  • That God walks among us when we least expect it, and when we most need his presence.

4 Responses to “Rocky Mountain Highway”

  1. Meika Says:

    Yeah, stay out of the water, eh? And have fun! I think my brother worked there one summer; sounds like a great trip!

  2. ppb Says:

    Have a a great trip!

  3. Cassidy Says:

    Hi Erica!! It’s Cassidy!! I was just looking up the website for FOTC pictures and I still can’t find it! ha ha but I found your site! Colorado was a lot of fun! Thanks for having me on the trip!

  4. Meg Says:

    Hope the trip went well. I tagged you in an 8 (Random) Things meme. Sorry?