Charles Honey has the scoop

Charles Honey is one of the few reporters on religion who I think consistently gets it. (And he’d better: since he’s at the Grand Rapids Press, he’s got some heavy-duty religious critics in the area.) He always seems to do his research and take the time to figure out what’s actually going on.
And here’s a story that’s near and dear to my heart (partly because I love Meg, partly because it’s part of my own story). The PCUSA news feed picked it up. (As well they might: they are often the beneficiary of these denominational jumps by women!)
This summer, the CRCNA’s Synod (translation for Presbyterians: General Assembly) has the women’s ordination issue on it’s docket again. There’s a group organizing to witness to the need to truly and fully open all offices to women. I can’t be there (youth group trip). I wish I could go a represent those of us who left for other denominations.
But, I’ll be praying for the outcome. Even though I made the leap to the PC(USA), I still pray for a turn-around. Much as I would love to have Meg as a colleague, the CRCNA needs her. I hope they do everything possible to help her stay there, and to stop the flow of women like me from the CRCNA.