Culinary Uber-Mama

If you’ll please allow me the self-congratulatory moment to bask in my mama-ness…

Today, I made Zora some gourmet baby food:

  • Chicken, apples, and squash, with a little ginger and allspice
  • Chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, green beans, with a dash of thyme
  • (Both chicken concoctions were accompanied by home-made chicken broth)
  • Spinach, potatoes, sweet potatoes

But before you get all jealous, you should also know that:

  • My kitchen looks like a war zone
  • Zora’s room is a mess, and it sure isn’t her fault
  • I don’t think I have any clean underwear left
  • I have 20 things to do tomorrow to get ready for Sunday
  • I’m eating dinner at 8:30 in front of the TV

One Response to “Culinary Uber-Mama”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    You’re welcome to come make dinner for me anytime! Zora’s one lucky gal.