What I did on my Christmas vacation

I took a few days off this week, and my family gathered at the cottage of our friends Gene and Faith (a godsend in every sense of that word since we no longer all fit at my parents–they downsized the minute we kids started moving out…)

Erik and I annually plan a family event/competition instead of giving gifts, often inspired by a reality TV show. This year we put together the family version of “Iron Chef.”

cooking siblings

Here’s my brother, sisters, and my sister’s boyfriend competing in their round. Can you smell the deep fried wontons with curried chick-peas?

Zora playing

Obviously, we played with Zora.

Survived the obligatory family picture.

And in a flight crafty inspiration, I made mobiles from found beach items.

And now, a day to get things back together at home.

2 Responses to “What I did on my Christmas vacation”

  1. ppolarbear Says:

    Such a cool cabin! What a great way to spend the vacation!

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    Glad you all had a wonderful time! And that Zora is enjoying her feet!