Save my Show!

Help! I need all of my readers to start watching TV!

I just heard that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the new TV show that I really like, is down from the 12 million viewers who watched its premiere to 8 million viewers this past Monday.

Here’s why we need to save this show: it has one very interesting, very complicated, and very Christian character. Harriet, comedian and Christian (and Southern Baptist, at that), is not your typical cookie-cutter Christian character. She’s complex and intelligent and the kind of person I’d like to meet. She prays like Hauerwas (thanks to Meg for pointing this out).

And last week, she told the most beautiful story about converstion and comedy. It seems she decided to give her life to Jesus th day that she made her pastor laugh during a church play. How wonderful!

Did I mention she’s from Michigan?

I know there aren’t enough of you to swing the Neilsen ratings. But it’s worth a shot.

2 Responses to “Save my Show!”

  1. meg Says:

    I’m already doing my part!

  2. Marty FISHER Says:

    SAVE STUDIO 60!! It’s absolutely brilliant writing. One can actually see and feel the lives and egos of the people. I have no idea why they want to cancel the BEST show to come along in a very long time and without the aid of murder & violence. It represents more of a slice of life view with comedy & drama that feel natural not forced. KEEP STUDIO 60 ALIVE AND WELL.PLEASE, I LOVE IT!! can’t wait for the series box of DVD’s at the end of the season. It will be my first time to purchase any series set.