It’s August?

Back in December, when Erik and I told my parents we were having a baby in August, my Dad’s immediate reaction was “This August?” And that is my reaction over the last few days. It’s already this August, the one when the baby arrives. As in, any time now. And I’m getting to the point where I wouldn’t mind–my stomach feels like it’s about to stretch and fall right off. (The doctor promised me this morning that this would not happen.)

With less than a month behind me at the new church, here I am trying already to tie together the loose ends for maternity leave, and I’m realizing that the loose ends are more of a fringe than a few random strings. If I go into labor within the next two days, I’ll probably have to stop at the office on the way to the hopsital.

Meanwhile, it is too hot to do anything outside, and we’re still trying to organize our new apartment.

All of that adds up to no time or energy for me to indulge in any sort of nesting instinct. Right now, the baby’s choice of where to sleep would be in the carseat, a laundry basket, etc. There is no crib matress yet, my mom is washing little clothes, and my hospital suitcase is only half-packed.

So, hang in there baby! There’s stuff to do before you can show up!

One Response to “It’s August?”

  1. susan Says:

    All best to you as you transition into this new season of pending motherhood.