Synodical Couch Potato

After an afternoon and evening, and a late night, too, glued to the webcast, I am done for the year with the CRC Synod. Check Mary’s blog for good comments, and a few of my rants on the subject.

I am grateful for the men who stuck their necks out for us women in the debate last night, for their tact and passion on the issue. My friend Jay was especially eloquent, and I was proud to know him after listening to his speech. Jay is quite possibly the first minister delegate to Synod who is married to a minister, and he kept saying that he didn’t presume to speak for women, but without female delegates, he was probably about as close we got to speaking!

In my less passionate moments of the evening (i.e. when I wasn’t yelling at the computer screen), I kept wondering how my beloved CRC polity professor (sitting in as an advisor to the Synod) felt about the polity-mess being created by the motions that were passed. And then I felt very grateful that I’ll be at Presbytery meetings rather than Classis meetings for the next few years. There are going to be some pretty sticky situations to sort out in CRC polity based on what happened last night!

This morning, I am trying to convince myself to be as interested in the Presbyterian General Assembly, and reminding myself that I still like Dutch people by watching the Dutch team beat Ivory Coast in the World Cup.

One Response to “Synodical Couch Potato”

  1. Susan Says:

    Thanks for sharing on Mary’s blog. I appreciated your perspective and at times counterpoint. I too was glued to the computer shouting at the screen while fellow seminarians passed by our apartment in amusement.

    Your voice and story are important to the Church, and also important to the CRC. Thank you for leading the way.

    Congrats on your call! The PC USA is getting an intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful pastor.