My Funny Valentine

This is not about Erik, who is a fabulous valentine. It’s about the odd way I spent the evening.

Somehow, the presbytery decided to hold its meeting for February on Valentine’s Day. And this particular meeting was scheduled as an evening meeting. Except for clergy couples, and my colleague Patrick who brought his wife, this put a bit of a damper on the romantic traditions of the day.

I went and basked in all-things-Presbyterian: bagpipes during worship; references to the Presbyterian role in the founding of the USA; jokes about doing things “decently and in order”; heated discussion; church-basement lasagna.

But most of all, I left happy becuase for the first time since I was ordained, I got to vote as a member of a broader church assembly. In the CRC, I was in “specialized ministry” so my presence at classis meetings was not as one who votes–each church congregation sends one minister delegate. That ruled me out. I was not allowed to serve as a delegate to Synod (gender issues). In the PC(USA), all minister members get a vote at Presbytery. As of December, I’m a member. And I treasured every time I got to add my “yes” or “no” to a voice vote, or raise my hand (because we had some close votes). A good valentine gift from my new church, although Erik’s card and flowers were still the best.