Sermon coming slowly

I’ll admit it. The Sunday night sermon has suffered for the past week at the expense of other things. Tomorrow morning, the sermon gets done, whether the Spirit is moving vigorously or not. The problem is the other things have been good things. Here’s a list:

  1. Wednesday was completely dedicated to excavating my cubicle at church from under the pile of donations for two women re-settling in Chicago after the hurricanes in the Gulf. Finally, I made contact with them arranged a date, and found a volunteer to accompany me (many many thanks to my fellow resident Patrick!). A combined joy–two happy women, and I can sit at my desk again.
  2. Walking my sister Anna’s dog Sami this afternoon. Sami is Utah dog, but Erik and I were happy to introduce her to suburban dog life in Oak Park. The weather was balmy, I needed the exercise, and Anna is sick. It was a perfect opportunity.
  3. Breakfast with my siblings, my mom, and my grandparents to celebrate my grandpa’s 87th birthday.
  4. A good afternoon nap, with my cats in attendance.
  5. Treating myself to 2 dozen tulips, red and white.

Somewhere, in the midst of all of this, a sermon on what it means for God to show up in our everyday, often messy lives is percolating. Tomorrow, it has to take shape.