How I Got a Website…

Up until now, my web presence consisted of a few records of my sorry but stubborn times in distance running, a few college and seminary alumni references, brief appearances on sites related to my work, and, most notably, my husband’s web page. But now, my husband has presented me with this website as a birthday gift.

The nice thing about getting a site as a birthday gift is that it means someone other than you thinks there is a good reason to add your voice to the glut of information on the web. Although, one’s spouse is probably a bit biased.

The downside is that it is something like getting a puppy. Now that you have it, you have to do something with it. I know this was Erik’s motive—to get me to write more.

And so, here it goes…an attempt to spend more time writing, if not for anyone else, then for me.

I have to say, though, that a puppy would not have been all bad because I think I could also use more encouragement to walk.