By the numbers

On this most incredible number day (11/11/11), a few numbers I’m contemplating this week. (None are particularly “biggie” numbers, like fives or tens or anything, but still cause to think around here.)

Thirty Four

I turn 34 this week. I think this means that I exit any claim to my early thirties and land in the mid-thirties. Whatever. Zora asked me the other day about the etiquette of asking people their age and I explained that sometimes, as people get older, they are embarrassed by their age. But I told her I am proud of each year I’ve lived. Maybe proud wasn’t the right word to use. I’m grateful for each year. So, I don’t care if you all know I’m in my mid-thirties.


Abram is nine months old this week. He is, of course, beautiful and brilliant, and the definition of a bouncing baby boy. We have high hopes that he is finally getting the hang of sleeping through the night, although the fact that I’ve written this will probably jinx it.

Seventy Two

Seventy two days of not holding a ministry position. Not working is an odd thing (and yes, I KNOW that I am working by being in charge of the house and children, etc. But still, this is a whole new thing.) I waver between loving it and eagerness for what’s next.


The eighth anniversary of my ordination is this week. Which means I’ve made it past seven without leaving ministry (I’ve heard that’s a year when people leave). On the other hand, this is not where I predicted I’d be 8 years ago. Then again, 8 years ago I was in my mid twenties, when one is full of hopeful and sometimes unrealistic optimism. And now I have two kids and Erik and I have two careers and things are more real. Not bad. Just real.


Coming up in a few weeks: Zora’s fiftieth day of kindergarten. For which we must produce a poster that uses 50 small objects, grouped in fives and tens, to make some sort of collage picture. In theory, this is a cool project. In practice, I kind of hate kindergarten homework.


I have three siblings. There are four of us. Between me (oldest) and Anna (youngest), there’s only a 6 year split. Our last decade has been fascinating because the age difference has collapsed so quickly. Two weeks ago, Anna got married. My brother Mark has been married for 6 years and I’ve been married for 12. I love my sister in law. I love that my husband is friends with my siblings. I think Anna’s husband is wonderful. The fun of this whole marry-ing thing is that the siblings are choosing such fun people to add to the mix. And, we think the remaining single sibling, Emily, is close to not being so single anymore. Her guy is lovely, too. From four to seven, and we’re hoping for eight.