The corner of our house that looks really nice


The chair (rescued from the trash outside my grandparents’ building…Erik’s sure someone died in it) is done after a month at the upholsterer. After 4 years of carting those pipes from apartment to apartment, we had a wall to hang them on and my Dad did the honors.

And if I just sit and look at this corner, I am pretty content with things. Now, on to the bedroom closet!

4 Responses to “The corner of our house that looks really nice”

  1. Viv Says:

    Thanks for posting the picture. This corner turned out very nicely (both the chair and the organ pipes)!!

  2. ppb Says:

    oh my goodness, I LOVE the organ pipes. I want some. NOW!
    So cute!

  3. Kristen Zoetewey Says:

    How did your dad hang the pipes? I love the re-use of the pipes!

  4. Erica Says:

    The pipes were an incredible deal: Architectural Artifacts in Chicago, which can be pricey, but they were only $5 or $10 a piece when we found them. My parents bought a bunch then, too, and theirs are in their house in Grand Rapids. We’ve carted them through 3 moves now, because we never quite had the wall space for it.

    So, here’s how they were hung: Dad used those “L” shaped brackets, just sort of plain ugly aluminum, and instead of attaching the brackets to the walls with the part against the wall pointing down, he pointed them up, so that the wall-attached part is behind the pipe. (The brackets are all in the wall where there’s a stud…found by the start-pounding-long-skinny-nails-in-the-wall-method.)

    Then, to make them extra stable, he screwed up through the bracket into the pipe itself.

    So far, ours are secure. And my parents’ set has been up for 4 years now, so I think it’s a pretty secure method…and I bet you could use it with other “found” objects.