3 years ago, I found out I was pregnant just about when Advent started. So, obviously, I thought alot about Mary and Jesus and the whole waiting thing from the perspective of one who was with child. (Plus, the contrast of finding out from a pee-stick or an angel was poignant, too.)

With this year’s advent just around the corner, I’ll be thinking about Jesus as a two year old. Or, rather, Mary as a the Mother of God (a God who happened to be a two year old at some point).

For example: How did Mary feel when Jesus insisted on eating off her plate? What about potty training (obviously different before plumbing, but…)? Temper tantrums? The need to do the same numbingly boring thing over and over and over and over again? Throwing things?

I know there were those moments of heart-warming looks and affection, too. But just think: the Savior of the World as a two year old. For Mary. that must have been part of the waiting. She knew something big was coming, but I’m guessing two to three was the year where she really wondered.

(Bonus theological discussion question: If Jesus was without sin, how would you say that changed the dynamic of the terrible twos? No temper tantrums? More compliant? Or basically the same?)

2 Responses to “Pre-Advent”

  1. maria Says:

    *grins* Brilliant! I suppose the terrible twos must have been even harder, knowing that this little monster is the savior of the world…Heh. Because yes, if Jesus as an adult can be irritated enough to kill an perfectly innocent tree, or angry enough to flip over some tables in a temple, you bet he would have been a handful.

    But…imagine him as 14…*shudders*

  2. ms rev or not Says:

    i’m preaching advent 4 this year. the peestick and angel comment killed me. i might borrow it (and give you credit).