A few little tidbits that are link-worthy:

  1. Singing clergy: We do this on special occasions. Honestly, it makes me feel a little bit like the family VonTrap. I guess I wish we did it regularly so that it wouldn’t be special, but a special pattern for worship.
  2. God IS Great: I have been annoyed with the atheist-promoting books released this year. But I haven’t been able to put my finger on the reason. But, help comes from ESPN (“What?!?” You say, “Erica pays attention to ESPN?” No, but Erik does and this Gregg Easterbrook guy is pretty good–for a sportswriter.) Since the quote is hard to find on the page, here it is: Recent anti-religion best-sellers by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens read like Middle Ages papal bulls, pronouncing a new orthodoxy in which everything about faith is bad, none of religion’s good points and virtues are permitted to be mentioned, and godlessness is the new God you must obey! TMQ pal Leon Wieseltier of The New Republic just had a wonderful line about this: “Religion may confer a preposterous cosmic significance upon the individual, but atheism is the true friend of egotism.” It is one thing to suppose there is no divine power, the universe coming into being solely through natural forces; this might turn out to be correct. It’s quite another to suppose God is impossible — that nothing can possibly exist that is greater than a 21st-century pundit with a book to sell. Pretty egotistical, huh?
  3. I wrote something for Fidelia’s Sisters this month.
  4. And, I better get reading because I’m going to this conference in the spring, and look at the list of authors! (If you have recommendations about who I should read in preparation and who I should go hear when I’m there, let me know.)
  5. Zora bonus: We have this great soft-fabric nativity. Zora loves it. And I am a proud pastor mama because she finds the baby Jesus, says, “BAY-BEE” in her high pitched voice and gives him a kiss (OK, maybe it’s licking…)

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    1. ppb Says:

      I’ve heard a number of these folks read, and they’re good! Enjoy the conference. OH to have enough money to fit in one more….