Have you ever MET a Lutheran, Mr. Romney?

You’d think, if you had a boatload of speech writers on the payroll, and if you had the cash to hire some experts, that maybe someone in your entourage would do a little research and try to write something intelligent for you to say about other religious traditions.

Nope.  In Mitt Romney’s big religion speech, he had a section about what he appreciated about other religions. Honestly, could he not have gone out and hired someone with some expertise in the area to make sure what he said sounded intelligent? For instance, he said he appreciated: “The confident independence of the Lutherans.” Now, I love the Lutherans. But what on earth is he talking about? Is that supposed to be a reference to the Reformation? Come on!

The Weekly Standard’s take on this  is brilliant (and a good laugh for those of us suffering Daily Show/Colbert Report withdrawal.)

One Response to “Have you ever MET a Lutheran, Mr. Romney?”

  1. Pink Shoes Says:

    As a Lutheran, I’m not sure what he means by that. Unless of course he just read my blog. HA.