A few random observations and questions

1. Why do clothes for babies have pockets? Honestly, what would they put in there?

2. Wearing velvet is a lot like having a pregnant belly, in that people want to touch you. Some people ask and some people don’t. But, take note: Somehow, touching a velvet coat is a little less threatening that touching a pregnant belly.

3. When do babies learn to put away toys? Even though we really don’t have that many toys for her, it’s amazing the disaster-area that Zora can create.

4. My bedroom just never seems to get organized. I spend a hour in there working hard, and it’s worse. I’m worried that this might be hereditary.

5. Is there any minister out there who has actually really read thoroughly all the books on their shelves. Wait, if you are that minister, don’t tell me, because it’ll just make me feel bad.

I think a knitting post is coming in the next few days.

3 Responses to “A few random observations and questions”

  1. rev dulce Says:

    1. The pockets are for little bits of food to fall into. The baby might want a snack later.
    2. Noticed the pregnant belly thing but not the velvet thing.
    3. Children NEVER put away toys.
    4. I’m confused, why would you want a organized bedroom?
    5. I’m a minister and have NOT read all my books, so no guilt coming from this direction.

    Knitting!! I’m impressed.

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    Aw, I think pockets are kinda cute. And when they’re old enough you can say, “Dropped your pocket!” and point to the floor next to them. That really confuses ‘em.

    Joshua is almost two and we don’t make him put away toys. We probably should. We decided we’ll be better about it after his birthday. It’s really our issue, I think. Not his.

    No, I haven’t read all those books.

  3. ppb Says:

    Babies have pockets so that they can put one hand in one and have the other hand make a peace sign.