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Washington Moments

I stuck around in DC for a few extra days after my conference. It was different to be there alone as an adult. I’ve done the DC thing a few times as a kid, and the previous time as one of 90+ junior high kids (a recipe for disaster) Here are a few good and [...]

Young Clergy Mama’s manifesto

Inspired by Wendell Berry’s “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front,” this was written by a group of young pastor mama’s at the Cathedral College of Preachers conference this week. Sing to the Lord a new song, for she has done marvelous things. Don’t get old before your time. Breastfeed in a pew. Love your children [...]

Could this be the most subversive thing I’ve ever done?

If you’re in the ministry world, it’s not too long before you encounter a fine black and white photo of a group of distinguished gentlemen in the their fine suits, perhaps with cigars and pipes, gathered on the steps of a venerable building to record an “event”: denominational meetings, men’s organizations, clergy clubs, seminary faculties. [...]

Much Afraid

We don’t need horror movies anymore, because we are so afraid of things that happen in “real life.” I just went to the movies and the previews were depressing. Three in a row had me ready to leave the theater to find a comedy. No matter how stupid. Because I wasn’t sure I could handle [...]

Random Friday Things

Zora’s first word seems to be “Hi.” She will put a cell phone up to the (back) of her head and say “Hi.” I think this means she’s friendly. This morning, I decided Meredith Viera is an idiot. And cruel. She was interviewing first responders from the 35-W collapse and she kept pushing on this [...]

Amen, Sister!

Are you a parent? Does the phrase “spiritual life” sometimes sound like something from a past life, life before your little bundle of joy (and craziness), back when you slept and had free time? You should read this! )Actually, you could also read this if you don’t have kids, but you know people who do.)

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