Alternate Spellings

My Sunday School kids illustrated postcards with “My favorite thing about Sunday School.” (The postcards are going out to all our members in as a reminder of our up-coming call-a-thon to recruit next year’s volunteers.)

Among my favorites: the alternate spellings for Bible. (And God bless the kids who put the Bible as their favorite thing.)




and the best one: Bibool

And then there’s one that I can’t figure out: A large, mean-looking fushia stick figure with some kind of pork-pie hat on is holding out an enourmous frying pan. Standing in the frying pan is…a turkey? And it looks like pink-meany is threatening two very frightened little brown stick figure with the frying turkey.

(Should I scan and post this, or would that be wrong since I don’t know what kid drew it and can’t ask for permission?)

I’ve never heard that particular Bible story before. Maybe it’s from the “Bibool.”

If anyone has any thoughts about this one, please let me know!