Breaking in with the boys

The Synod (annual national assembly) of the Christian Reformed Church meets this week in Grand Rapids, MI. I could not have said it better than my friend Mary…

One Response to “Breaking in with the boys”

  1. Karen Norris Says:

    Hi Erica,

    I read Mary’s entry about Synod and your response. I just want to say that I am glad you are out there praying for us. As far as I am concerned you will always be a part of us! I am so happy to hear that you accepted a call (to where?). I will be presented at synod tomorrow and am filled with much excitement about it. As for the future- it is a mixture of hope and realistic concern- will there be a parish ministry position out there for me- even though I am willing to move anywhere? And, just as important, will it be a good fit? I’ll be watching synod closely to see if they decide to stop making women in ministry an exception and let us be a wonderful new norm.