The Digital Lazarus Project

This project involves the production of a digital edition of the Towneley Lazarus play. While the project itself remains in its infancy, I nevertheless have put my experience to good use; and I continue to be fascinated by both the play and the theoretical arcana involved in textual criticism.

The following materials are part of this project:

The Lazarus ‘Tag Cloud’

A visual representation of the play’s vocabulary.

8 Feb. 2007
Lazarus Resurrected

My early experince with creating an electronic edition.

16 May 2005
The Towneley Lazarus Play

The text of the play, in HTML.

16 May 2005
Electronic Lazarus

A (now-outdated) version of the Digital Lazarus Project, preserved for posterity. Note: It looks nothing like this site; and I’m fairly certain the HTML is ugly & broken.

15 April 2004

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