Courses, 2007

Nature in Literature English 288-081
The natural world has offered fertile imaginative ground for as long as people have been aware of it. In this course we will study various literary expressions of the relationship between people and nature, with special emphasis on medieval and early modern attitudes toward and representations of the world around them. We shall address such concerns as how we idealize, encounter, and contend with nature and more “natural” ways of living. While the focus of this course is on literature, it will also be interdisciplinary in scope: students are encouraged to enrich the class with their own interest in and experience with ecological and environmental issues.
Loyola University Chicago, Fall
The Core Writing Seminar UCWR 110-104
Writing is thinking. In this course we will develop our ability to clearly and effectively convey our thoughts, ideas, and concerns, by means of the written word. Because writing is as challenging as any other acquired skill, we will concentrate our efforts on various writing assignments (both in and out of class) and on reading and analyzing the work of others. This course should help to demystify the writing process (in academic and other settings) and enable you to become more skillful—and confident—writers.
Loyola University Chicago, Fall

This page contains the courses that I taught in 2007