3 September 2008

Django 1.0!

Django 1.0 has arrived—yay! This means that it’s finally time to do the heavy work of upgrading this site, and of getting Textivism back in working order. I’m excited to experiment with all the new features. (Yes, that includes comments, Mr. Tanner, I promise!)

In other news, Zora is speaking in complete sentences. She has flown in an “opane” and gone “up in sky.” Zora is also two years old and received some awesome books from lots of people and also a “pink puose [purse] from She-shin [her aunt Kirstin].”

We also have functioning internet at home again, so you can expect more after-hours entertainment from yours truly, including a rambling story about how AT&T provides crap internet “service.” And that story has nothing to do with the iPhone.

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