24 November 2008

Just a note: I’m much more active on Twitter right now than I am here. Things are a-changing, so I’ve decided to try to do a partial content freeze at Drasty Speche or whatever the grawlix I’m calling this place these days.

12 November 2008

Happy Birthday to you!

If you happen to see Erica out and about, please make sure to wish her a happy Birthday. She’s at least as awesome as the day we met.

5 November 2008

This Morning

It is a strange thing:
to wake up and see the sun rise,
to know that its molten metal ascends over the lake,
to know the sun could care less
about what happened here while it was away.
The city rumbles on as if it were any ordinary day,
but the city has changed:
on its streets I see tired faces,
a metropolis of worn out colors.
This morning is different.
The people shine in their weariness and say to the sun:

We are awake.
An obscure man from around here
has stolen our hearts—
and we are overjoyed.”

4 November 2008

Today we elected Barack Obama to be the 44th President of the United States of America—389 years to the day since the first African slaves arrived on our shores. Today we started healing some of those longago wounds.

Know hope.

Today: Vote Obama!

I hope you have already voted for Barack Obama or are planning to vote later today. He & Joe the Biden have my vote—can they count on yours?

(One regret is that I can’t wear my support: over a month ago I ordered a shirt from the campaign, which hasn’t arrived yet. That’s not shipping I can believe in, but hardly a reason to reconsider or regret my vote—or to dissuade you from supporting Barack with yours!)

3 November 2008

November 4 has almost arrived. If you haven’t voted already, make sure to add your voice to the call for change. Vote Obama!

This is the archive for commonplace book entries that I published in November 2008.