27 March 2008

Paul Krugman wonders if we’re in the age of the “anti-Cassandra” because

our public discourse is dominated by people who have been wrong about everything—but are still, mysteriously, treated as men of wisdom, whose judgments should be believed. Those who were actually right about the major issues of the day can’t get a word in edgewise.

I think Krugman didn’t need to create a new term for this phenomenon. As he notes, the people who have been right still are ignored. To all our detriment, the age is still one where Cassandra goes unheeded.

25 March 2008

The new Textivism is online. Let me know, via its contact page whether it works for you. And as is habit, apologies to Dean Allen.

Next up—this place. Only the job hunt & Zora can get in my way!

Oh, and regarding the upcoming site design (as if you cared!): I’ll be mailing it in.

24 March 2008

I shouldn’t promote vaporware, but I’ve got a few essays in the pipeline that I’ll be unrolling in the next couple weeks, including thoughts on writing, site design, and Good Friday. With any luck, I’ll have this stuff up well before the Orthodox Church celebrates Easter!

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