28 June 2008

Perpetual delay!

So, the site redesign & archive purge is still on hold. We’re getting ready to move a few blocks from where we live right now, and it’s in my best interest to get things ready to go!

I’ve also been rethinking the nature of design and what exactly I hope to achieve with this space (as well as with Textivism, but that’s a beast unto itself, with its mysterious server-related issues). I’ve found myself inspired by Jason Santa Maria’s redesign. Even more important, though, was attending a day-long course on information design, yesterday, run by the incredible Edward Tufte. I learned a ton, but perhaps most important was the affirmation that content should dictate the design.

Once I’ve nailed down my sites’ content, redesigning them will make more sense. With Draſty Speche this is especially important. I still love medieval literature, textual criticism, composition, & bibliography, but at this point they’re much more hobbies than an explicitly about my professional life. Much of the current content will still exist somewhere, but perhaps in an altered form, or at least in altered locations. (Either option will also slow down the reworking of the site, since I’d rather not leave any broken links—that’d be rude.)

I’m playing with some interesting technologies, some of which might surface in the redesign. But I’m spending more time thinking about, working on, and reworking content. I want my design to be effective—and as far as I can tell, that won’t happen unless the design serves the content. Design shouldn’t function as a Procrustean bed.

PS If you want to read my more frequent—and brief—thoughts, feel free to check me out on Twitter.

16 June 2008

Regarding this asinine AP policy:

Clerks around the statebroke during Hurricane Katrinabecause its election violatedneck-high waters with nets.

Charge me for that, AP!

Save yourself stuff!

Attention the >0 readers interested in my online presence: I’m in the process of a major design overhaul, which necessitates my obliterating the archives. The likely time of deletion is sometime on Friday evening (June 20)before the end of June.

Once a few things happen with Django, this stuff will most likely reappear at Textivism. Thanks for your time & patronage.

12 June 2008

Happy 9!

9 years ago today, Erica and I got married. The biggest new thing for us this anniversary: it’s the first one when we’ve both held full-time jobs. That we’ve made it this far without one of us “working” must be a good sign. Yay!

Happy anniversary, love!

This is the archive for commonplace book entries that I published in June 2008.