20 January 2008

Football nation

Update: I’m seriously thinking about canceling this thing, now that my Packers are out. I mean, come on, Favre! (And I really could care less about the Cheatriots or the Whiny Manning-led Giants.) Go NY, I guess.

Erica and I have frequently talked about doing a Super Bowl chili party, with “representative” chilies from the two teams’ state(s), or in the case of a few teams, the states they claim they’re from. (This helps to keep Erica interested in the games, since she’s not really a football fan.) This year we might actually pull it off. For the curious, we’ll be using Chili Nation as the source. I’ll update the lists as the teams winnow themselves:


  • District of Columbia: “Serious Capitol Punishment Chili”
  • Florida: “Havana Moon Chili”
  • New York: “Buffalo Beef and Weck Chili”
  • Texas: “Tigua Indian Definitive Bowl of Red”
  • Washington: “Seattle Coffee Chili”
  • Wisconsin: “Green Bay Chili”


  • California: “Gilroy Super Garlic Chili”
  • Florida: “Havana Moon Chili”
  • Indiana: “Sunday Supper Chicken Chili”
  • Massachusetts: “Rock-Ribbed Bean-and-Beef Chili”
  • Pennsylvania: “Homage to Hershey Chocolate Chili”
  • Tennessee: “Memphis Barbecue Shrimp Chili”

I’ll post the “results” of the chili Super Bowl, hopefully before the game’s outcome is known.

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