29 February 2008

Leap Day

John Gruber thinks today is the worst possible birthday. Maybe I like peculiarities, but I think Feb. 29 would be an AWESOME birthday. (Or I may just want to be 8-ish again.) I hear Christmas is not as fun—just ask Jesus!

22 February 2008


Regular blogging will resume shortly, as soon as I get the new site structure up, which I hope will be soon. As part of my “career development” I’ve been playing a lot with Django and Python and should have some cool things coming down the pipe. (Though, alas, only on the “personal” front at this point.)

In the meantime, I’ve come across a few things that have made me love the fluidity of English even more than I already did. I heard someone on NPR ask for someone to “give a for instance.” Awesome! I’ve also been encouraged to be “planful” as I pursue a career objective or two. (That’s actually a useful word, I think.) And finally, I’ve been introduced to the word keming, which should be obvious to the typophiles out there.

On a different note, this Sunday is the church’s annual chili cook-off. Last year I won the award for “hottest chili” with a variation on Chili Nation‘s “Seattle Coffee Chili.” This year I’m a judge. As Erica recently noted, I’m a sucker for roasted New Mexico (AKA “long green”) chiles. If you’re looking for an edge, you can ply me with a bunch of those.

Or, you know, you could slip me some cash.

5 February 2008


I have voted, though I decided not to vote against Jim Oberweis in the special election to finish Denny “Torture Is Fun!” Hastert’s current term. (Though I was tempted—his “brown people are evil” campaign is about as repugnant as they come. I ended up just doing the Democratic ticket thing.)

my voter receipt

4 February 2008

Obama, for the record

I’m voting for Obama tomorrow in the Illinois primary, because I think he’s the best candidate out there—and I’m looking forward to feeling good about my vote. (See the Morning News for more about this!)

If Obama doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, I’ll be faced with a quandary: none of the Republican candidates are even remotely appealing. But I don’t know if I could bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton, whose campaign would have won the nomination in no small part because of race bating.


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